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Everything's been a little crazy around here and I've been on the computer WAY less than usual, but quick report because I know some of y'all probably thought I died or something. I didn't! HI!

We went down to Galveston week-before-last for a college visit for the youngest, and had a fantastic time. Galveston isn't exactly a tropical paradise (though not the oil-globbed mess it was when I was a kid, either) but we had fantastic weather, some great food & drink (pro-tip: just skip any other place and eat at Miller's Landing for every single meal), a hotel pool all to ourselves (the only way I'm setting foot in a pool... getting old is weird) and a great stretch of beach. (Anyone familiar with Galveston knows that actual beachfront from your hotel is fantastic - usually you're stuck on the seawall across the main beach road.)


(This is the hotel which was the same price as a freaking La Quinta.) But that's just "stuff," the meat of the visit went GREAT. Ye'let is definitely "set" on her first (only, honestly) choice of school, and it should be attainable. (She plans to major in maritime administration and logistics, and her school has a five year master's program. She should enter with 36 fully transferable credit hours from her high-school dual-credit work - see, we're not total jackknobs here in Texas - so she could ostensibly obtain said master's by the time she's 22. Basically, it's an MBA with a focus on the maritime industry.) So, she's psyched.

But yikes. it's so, so far away. I mean, not "states away" but 9 hour-drive-away. After everything that happened this year with eldest Daughter I'm a little freaked out. But I know it's coming, there's nothing I can do about it, and welcome to parenting. It's terrifying. So yeah, I'll be down there once a month, buying all the liquor and hanging out on the beach trying to pretend I'm not hovering. ("I'm not hovering, Ye'let, I just love the beach. See, I'm not even leaving the hotel! Want to come stay with me?") OK, no I won't. But I might need all kinds of liquor.

Anyway, just wanted to check in. It's homecoming week, which is kind of insane and weird here in Texas (no, Labeled, you don't say) so I may still be scarce, but I lurve y'all.


(Oh, and yeah, a weekend away was EXACTLY what I needed. Now I just need all the money so I can do it more often!)

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