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Your mrsfinch is back from Costa Rica, and I can now say without exaggeration that Costa Rica is God`s own country, that Costa Ricans are very possibly the kindest, the most patient, and the politest people on the planet, and that I have to win the lottery real soon so I can start making plans to retire there and become known as La Dama Loca de Los Perros del Osa, a.k.a. the Crazy Dog Lady of the Osa Peninsula (and yes, I need to work on my Spanish before then). GUISE IT WAS WONDERFUL. I even got a bit of healthy colour in my face, or, as my travelling companion and BFF said to me, "You`re not your usual winter colour, which is translucent." I swam in the ocean. I SAW SLOTHS AND DOLPHINS. I bought myself a piece of amber with a bug in it (I have always wanted a piece of amber with a bug in it, though it is a very small piece and a very small bug). And I did not have a travel freakout even once, even when stuck in a San Jose traffic jam for two solid hours. Alas, the spell is broken now: I came home to an extreme cold alert and an apt that was maybe 10 degrees Celsius. But I've got the heat on now and the Fusspot is back from Ma Finch's and snoozing happily in his donut bed, so for better or worse, I am home.


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