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Hold me closer, GroupThink

To me, this is the saddest ten seconds of movie in existence. Because of the moment where George turns and says "Fred". In a moment of excitement that Harry is alive, he wants to share it with the person who has been his other half his entire life.

But Fred isn't there.

This is what it feels like to be in a long distance relationship. Every time something wonderful or amazing happens, every time I see something beautiful or funny, any time I make a really good meal.


I turn to share it with him.

And remember he's four hundred miles away.

And we don't even know when the long distance will be over. But I just want him here to share everything with. All of my new friends, and coffee shops, and books, and movies would be better if he were here and they could be his friends, and coffee shops, and books and movies too.

And today it's hitting extra hard, and I need hugs.

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