Are there really men getting whining and shit because Idris Elba is mentioned too much for their liking? Are y'all for real?

Look at him. Now look at yourself. Now look at him again. What do you see? You see a man in business attire. Now look at yourself. Now back at him. He's on a white horse wearing a muscle shirt and basketball shorts. Now back at yourself. Now at him. Who's that standing next him? It's your fucking girlfriend because you were to busy being angry about Idris Elba, so she rolled out on your ass.

Seriously, I'm a goofy looking, skinny dude. The thing is, there is no way in the any of the hells you will be able to say to me that I'm not a sexy motha fucka. None. Now, I'm a realist. I know if me and Idris walked up to a woman for the first time, who she would chose. Me got dammit cuz I'm the shit.