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Holiday Baking (some whinging)

Very Pfeffernusse. So hand cramp. Wow.

When I went mostly low carb over a decade ago I stopped baking goodies. Too tempting and I'm one of those people who has a hard time turning it off. Little GV wanted to take a sample of food from part of her cultural background, German. So, we decided on Pfeffernusse, the spiced cookies from the portal to ecstasy.


Ouch. The dough comes out very sticky and it's heavy and my hand cramped multiple times while stirring. It's still sore. If I could have mixed with my hands I would have, but it was just too sticky. Also, I wear shoes when I cook because too much time with no foot support makes my back hurt, so at least it's only my feet that are tired from walking so much.

So, I hurt from making cookies. I offered my services to my MiL and she suggested I bring a pumpkin pie. I always go all out on holidays, meaning the very best of everything and everything from scratch, so I'm not going to bring a pie from a store (unless the below recipe turns out like shit). I'm going to try this miracle: Cheesecake Pumpkin Pie.

Yes, it is a recipe that's been floating around Faceyspace. Compared to the endurance trial of the Pfeffernusse (and the Unicorn Poop Cookies) it looks pretty easy. I do plan to cheat and get a good frozen pie crust.


Is there something new you're trying this year that has you excited? Include the link or recipe if you're feeling it.

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