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Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange

Mornin’, all! I know, based on OTs, that lots of folks are making and/or enjoying their holiday cookies already (y’all are impressive!). Or maybe you’re like me, considering thinking about starting to plan your holiday baking. ;) So, I thought it’d be cool to share recipes. Even if you’re not baking, please feel free to share favorite recipes here. Whatcha got, GT?

One cookie that I started making a few years ago that has quickly become a favorite amongst my family and friends is the Food Network’s Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie—they are quick, easy, make a ton, and are just plain YUMMMM.


Same goes for these delicioso Chewy Coconut Cookies. If you are as crazy for coconut as I am, you might do what I do and sub in coconut oil for the butter for even more coconut yumminess. And if you give them a little extra minute in the oven, you get crispy deliciousness around the edges and chewy deliciousness in the center. The best!

And I actually purchased a food processor several years ago for the express purpose of making Oreo Truffles around Christmas time. I literally pull that processor out once a year just for these. :)

How about you, GT?

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