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I love Christmas. My family is small and Christmas is all about food and spending time together, calling the international half of our clan. Laughing at each other. I even love Christmas music (and just discovered that Redbeard does not, which makes me sad).

But one of my favorite parts of Christmas is the tree. First, because it's a little bit of pagan snuck into Christ-time and second because I love unwrapping all the ornaments, remembering where I got them or who gave them to me. My mom has embroidered an ornament for me every year since I was born, I love looking at the different subjects as I got older and my interests changed.


This is my tree! I'm super lucky that I have this weird double doorway near the tiny "foyer" in my apartment, and the three fits perfectly in one of them so I can see all the way around the tree.

This might be my favorite ornament, though. It's just a little camera ornament, but my mom modpodged a picture onto the "view finder." The picture is one I took of my dad on his motorcycle, warming up to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats a few years ago.

Show me your decorations! What's your favorite holiday tradition?

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