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Holiday food menus

lets talk holiday food!!!! Anyone hosting? Anyone going anywhere? Cooking anything cool?

I’m hosting Christmas Eve for the VERY FIRST TIME EVAR. Guys. So excited. I’m hosting my in laws who are awesome and love my cooking and are enthusiastic about coming here so it’s all positive. We bought a house a few months ago and didn’t have a dining room table til LAST NIGHT (thanks craigslist!!!! Two minutes away and 100 bucks). We will have mismatched chairs but that’s ok.

The holidays are rough for me in general due to my family... Love my parents so much but we just seriously disagree on somethings. I will see them on Christmas Day and i will enjoy it but.... It’s so exciting to have this hosting gig to look forward to!!!


So!!! I’m having ham with pineapple, scalloped potatoes, sweet potato patties, carrots in a ginger glaze, and green beans. We will also have vegetarian Indian food.

I’m still not sure what to do for desert. Thanksgiving I made pear cranberry crisp and it wS amazing but I wanna do someone different. Something maybe with candy canes???

So... Wacha making for the holidays? Or ordering? Foooooood is the best.

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