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What new things are you trying out this year before major holidays to see if they’ll work for that?

Or, what new things are you just excited to make between now and New Year’s just because they look yummy?

I’m trying a vegan pumpkin al fredo pasta bake today. I can’t find the recipe online, but it’s in the most recent Forks Over Knives magazine and looks fucking amazeballs. Cannelloni beans are pureed with pumpkin and other stuff to be the sauce, and then you bake the linguine noodles with that and some asparagus and carrot slices.



These gingersnaps were so damn good. I planned to take some to work and then I was like “fuck those people, I’m not sharing”

Also, this cranberry cake had my parents drooling. It wasn’t a very sweet cake, but it was fantastic with coffee or tea. I’m not good with baking stuff and it still turned out amazing.


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