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Holiday gift-giving ideas?

Hey folks, are there any other people out there interested in crowd-sourcing gift ideas? Maybe we could have a post where people give details about someone who's a challenge and those who are good at this can make suggestions?

I would really like to get something for my son's nanny's daughter, but I have no idea what! She's 13 or 14 (freshman in high school) and she helped out with my son and the other toddlers a lot this summer when she was off from school. My son loves her. I know she plays music (piano and guitar), but otherwise I don't know much about her likes and dislikes. I could do a gift card to a local music store, but I don't know if she is enough of a nerd (like I was) that buying sheet music would be exciting for her, and I don't think I can give enough so she could afford her own guitar or something on that level. I know an iTunes gift card would be appreciated by my nephew of that age, but I am not sure if she has an iPod/iPhone/computer to download stuff to. I guess the other obvious choices would be a gift card to a clothing store or a place like Sephora, right? I don't want to ask her mom because I know she will just tell me that it is nice but not necessary. I just think her daughter deserves to be recognized by us for helping and being so sweet to my son.


Any ideas from those who are more creative than me? Or any similar dilemmas that people could use suggestions for?

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