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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Holiday Gift Guide Idea

So... yeah, it's only November 5 but I am already being inundated with catalogs hawking holiday decor and gifts. Not that I don't love it (oh my god, I love it so hard!), but it can get a little overwhelming. Plus, I lose track of things I had in mind for people or I feel like I'm in a gifting rut.

And that's where GT comes in.

You guys have good taste. You're creative. You're thoughtful.

How about if we start share gift ideas for one another? We could have a common tag, like "Gift" (I know, really clever) to make them searchable. ETA: Provide whatever details you can in your post, such as brand, price point, potential giftee, that kind of thing. Make sure to tag your posts "giftguide".


For instance, you know that nerd you're madly in love with who hasn't quite gotten around to decorating his/her entryway? How about this Carl Sagan quote print from Etsy? At $20, it's thoughtful, beautiful and affordable. You can always throw in a frame and mat.

Or that super practical person you know who doesn't want any gifts? Well, do they have a SwissCard? For something so tiny, it's not exactly cheap at $37.50 (*coughcheaperonAmazoncough*) but it is so freaking cool and, I'm telling you, a big hit with Mom. She'll feel like a badass. Because she is.


Who needs Oprah, amiright?

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