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Holiday gratitude list anyone?

I got stood up for a date today. It's alright though. It gave me a reason to get back in my pajamas, open a beer at 3pm, and make chocolate orange brownies. The house smells AWESOME. I also may or may not* have eaten most of an entire margherita pizza in there somewhere. Anyway. I find it really easy to get dragged down during this time of the year, and end up in a crap mood for most of Christmas Day (be it family drama, money issues, general worn-out-ness, etc.) Something that helps me snap out of this and adjust my perspective is making gratitude lists. It seemed kind of hokey when I first started doing it, but I really notice my mood shift in a powerful way when I take the time to do one. I thought I'd share today's.

I'm grateful that I have a roof over my head, central heating, and food in my kitchen.

I'm grateful for my cat Mortimer, and for the exuberant holiday cheer that was graciously added to him by FreudianNipSlip's paint skills.


I'm grateful for my mother and grandfather. They have been there for me through some incredibly hard things this year, which means even more, because it wasn't always like this.

Tie in to the above: I'm grateful for my grandfather's health. That man is a complete goddamn boss. He is 81 years old this year and walks 7 miles a day. He takes no medication. He laughs at Breaking Bad jokes. He is The Best.

I'm grateful for my (continuing) education.

I'm grateful for my friends.

I'm grateful that I don't have to wear an actual bra for the rest of the day. (TMI? No? Cool. Didn't think so.)


I'm grateful for GT, obvs, for being such a wonderful web of support, a thoughtful sounding board, and a source of LOLs on the darkest days.

Anybody else want to share? I'd love to read yours.

*definitely did.

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