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Holiday Ideas? Anyone else thinking about it yet?

I am a procrastinator of the highest level. But I actually have friends I’d like to gift for this year and Mr.BT lost his job, so buying non-essentials is out for a while.

I’m craft-capable when it comes to most things. Knitting is my strong suit and sewing is a possiblility as well. I have a huge yarn stash and a box of random fabric. I’ve been Pinteresting for ideas that are useful, but I’m coming up short. Hats would be so easy because they’re quick and can be made to suit everyone’s style and personality. Knit hats in Texas are not nearly as useful as knit hats in Alaska though and it seems like a lot of work for not a lot of use. I’m totally making these for myself though:


I really would like to gift useful things. My grandmother insists on buying everyone weird, non-personal, useless junk that ends up in the landfill and it drives me absolutely up the wall. It’s throwing away money and killing the planet at the same time. I guess she gets points for multitasking?

Anyway, y’all, my brain is coming up completely empty on the gift giving front. Is anyone else having a slow enough evening that they’d like to add their brain power? I’m really wanting something I can make without buying anything extra. Last year I did little mason jar kits (manicure, crafts, coffee, etc.) but those add up quick. I wish Mr.BT was a little more invested in finding a job, but that’s a whole other can of worms I’m not opening right now. (I’m also working on working, but I homeschool the kids, so it’s a different road.)

Brains! Go!

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