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Holiday look

We don't have any real plans for the holidays. Last Christmas was spent with my husband's family, but I don't think we've heard from them yet. We bailed on Thanksgiving, so they might be mad at us. I'm not wasting energy on it though, I barely know them and Mr. BT isn't too interested in keeping up contact.

We're going to our friends' house for dinner tonight, nothing fancy, I made a few quiches. Since it's Christmas Eve though, and since I have no other reason to dress up, this is what I did!


And here's a closer picture of the eyeliner! It's Urban Decay Heavy Metal eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy. I also have whatever the silver one is. They're pretty awesome!

I don't know if anyone remembers what my hair looked like before, but I chopped it all of because it was driving me crazy and I had a dream about shaving my head.

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!

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