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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Holiday Music Sharing!

I feel like we’ve done this in years past and I really loved it so I’m bringing it back! Please share your favorite holiday songs or your favorite versions of them - especially any that you have that might be local or unique to your heritage :)

I love this song so much I listen to it YEAR ROUND with no shame haha. In Louisiana, Papa Noel is our Cajun Santa. Instead of a sleigh and reindeer, he drives a boat with 8 alligators and a pure white alligator named Nicolette in the front. All along the levees on the Mississippi people light massive bonfires in fun shapes to light his way.

I also feel like this song gets short shrift, but that just could be because I love it so much and my coworker DETESTS it and I’m getting a lot of Christmas joy out of terrorizing him by playing it :)

And finally, this is a recent gem I’ve just discovered - a remake from the Killers of the old Christmas country classic, The Cowboys Christmas Ball. But the video is a cheesy delight

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