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Holiday Mystery: The Case of the Missing Ponies

Have you seen these ponies?

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Two things to know: our office is in the middle of a big readjusting move, where all of the employees are being shuffled to new desks. The second thing to know, my coworker is a Brony.

There are currently boxes everywhere, a lot of people are half moved because it’s also December and plenty of people are on PTO. My coworker was also out for the week, so my boss painstakingly moved all of the ponies from his old desk to his new one for him, making sure to keep them all in the exact same order.


Today, the day he came back from a week off, the ponies are all missing! It makes no sense, since the new space he moved into is the desk that used to belong to dudecoworker, who now shares a desk space with me. So if the movers were going to move them anywhere, they would be sitting at my desk.

We’ve checked a bunch of moving boxes and some straight up contain trash, like torn envelopes and subscription postcards from magazines. Could someone have seriously stolen all the ponies? Where could they be?!?!?!?

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