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Holiday orphan roll call?

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow American GTers! I have a weird relationship with this holiday. It's traditionally a day where people get together with family and then stuff their faces with food and then try to ditch their extended families for the nearest open bar, but for me I just don't have that connection.

My family isn't close in the slightest. I think we celebrated Thanksgiving once, when I was 5, and that's about it. After that, every Thanksgiving was treated like a regular weekend. My parents would go off gambling, my sister would hang out with a friend or do whatever teenagers do, and I continued being a latchkey kid who watched the Macy's parade knowing that's as close as I'd ever get to seeing a Broadway show.

A few years back, my mom insisted I come over and spend time with them for Thanksgiving. I had to drop friend off at her family's celebration, so I did that before heading over. While on my way there, my mom called and said they got tired of waiting for me (it was all of 2:00pm and they didn't give me a set time to come over) so they all left for the casino. It's no surprise to me that months later when they decided to pack up and move cross country that they wanted me to come over and say goodbye, only to leave before I could show up because I was stuck in traffic.


I get invited to other peoples' family Thanksgivings frequently, but it's difficult for me to accept. I feel really out of place around tight knit families, especially ones I clearly don't belong to. I have social anxiety as it is, it's a lot tougher when you go in knowing everyone knows you're the outsider. Last year, a friend invited me to her Thanksgiving dinner, insisting that it was going to be one for all the holiday orphans as well as family - she married into a huge tight knit family. Guess who showed up and was the holiday orphan? Yep, just me in a room of about 40 people.

I had one ok Thanksgiving, with another holiday orphan. She was the most unhinged of my friends, but she didn't have anything planned either. So I bought a 3lb turkey breast for us to share, made all of the sides I wanted to. We ate and hung out just the two of us, until she got unhinged about being unable to watch Beyonce on TV, because she was jealous of her success.

I'm a loner, I guess. But I like stuffing, too! Any other holiday orphans out there to commiserate with me? I'm invited again to the big family Thanksgiving, but I don't think I can will myself to go alone.

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