So who has embarrassed themselves at a work holiday party so far? Ours was open bar. Ummmm.

Apparently I was talking to people (including head honcho senior boss) and just walked away. while they were talking to me. Like it's totally okay.

Lost my shoes.

Told my coworker she should go try to hookup with the super hot IT guy (god I hope no one heard my rant about how hot he was in the bathroom.) My date (okc friend turned bootycall turned guy i am dating) and him became friends, too. WEIRD.

Told everyone my hot date was getting the car heated up when I was outside (We stayed overnight because hellloooo! hotel room afterparty!). He wasn't doing any such thing? Then I saw him a few minutes later and asked him if he had the car ready. I am still really confused.

At least I didn't fall asleep in the staircase or fall down a flight of stairs in a mini tube dress like two other girls. Or be the girl that brought a boyfriend who Exorcist-style vomited all over a beer pong table and hot IT guy's shoes.


But I confessed my crush on OKC guy. And asked him if we could be a thing and if I can call him a boyfriend. Aaaaand now I have an amazing boyfriend that I met on okcupid? That's an honest first. AAAAND!!! my friends all love him!

So what have you done at your work holiday parties so far?