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Holiday Plans

Is the year really almost half over??? Guess that means it’s time to start making holiday plans. Usually I wait too long to do this, but especially since Christmas/New Year’s fall on a weekend this year I figure it’s probably important to book early.

Planning around the holidays is always a pain in the ass in my family owing to divorced parents, mental illness and a whoooooooooole lot of drama. I’m fortunate that this year my sister is back on the mainland (after a 3 year stint in Hawaii) and has resolved to spend them with me wherever I decide to go. She is a great sister like that. We have agreed that we are not going to our mom’s place in Florida because a) we don’t really like her and b) we will be spending a whole lot of time with that side of the family in 2017.

So this year our choices are:

1. Visit my Dad in Denver (he is by himself and probably needs to be included in this plan, although he has bipolar disorder and is unmedicated so always adds an element of stress and uncertainty).


2. Bring Dad to her new digs in Houston.

3. Ditch Dad because he won’t act right/take his meds and go somewhere else.

Much depends on my Dad’s choices between now and then, but ultimately I will probably feel guilty/anxious leaving him alone. So for the time being I’m deciding between Houston and Denver. Thoughts on either city? I grew up in Denver and have never shown my sis around so that might be cool.

Any thoughts on fun travel destinations in the Southwest between those two cities?

Where are you spending your holidays GT? Anybody else have dread of the impending family dynamics?

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