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Holiday Refuge Open For Business!

The Holiday Hotel of Casa de Smithwell is open to all comers!

I live near LAX, have a 17 pound prime rib roast going on the grill at 2pm, spicy cheesy potatoes, creamed corn, green beans almondine, and chocolate mousse.

Open access to two (2) wine fridges (red and white have to be at different temperatures, y'all!), full bar, three cats of varying friendliness, a baby grand piano, and lots of sarcastic Liberals a-leaping.


Because...fucking A, after reading some of these stories today, I want all of you to celebrate with the Smithwells! We are quite fun, and once we've had enough wine, Admiral Emeritus Smithwell and I are going to recite Jabberwocky. Lady Smithwell made haystacks with COOKIE BUTTER and white chocolate. HELP US EAT EVERYTHING.

We are here to be the antidote to crappy family everywhere - because it's tough to go wrong with raunchy humor, creative swearing, and booze.

Just sayin...

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