Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Before I start this post, I want to acknowledge that the holidays are tough for people, and I don’t want to discount that. I am also curious to hear about what people do leading up to the holidays, so do know that’s what the content is.

I love Christmas. It hasn’t always been perfect, but there’s a feeling I get leading up to the holidays that’s fuzzy and warm and joyful. A big part of this is the stuff I do every year leading up to the holidays. I start listening to Christmas Carols from the old country, start deciding on gifts for my sibling secret santa, help my grandmother decorate her tree, and bake and decorate an outrageous amount of cookies with my mum. All that, in addition to walking around the streets and malls strewn with holiday lights gives me that Christmas feeling. That stuff is like clockwork - I imagine it would feel quite different to not have those things.

So, GT, are there traditions you have in the lead-up to the holidays? What makes you feel especially excited for the holidays?

** I’m going to try to go a thread about holiday traditions, but right now I’m especially curious about pre-holiday preparations!

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