Hi, my name is RedHandedJill and I am addicted to special holiday episodes of TV shows. Whenever this time of the year rolls around, I always go back and rewatch them, even though by now I know every beat, line, and laugh on each one. I am not hugely into Christmas. It tends to get pretty cheesy with the music and decorations, but I get all warm and fuzzy from watching these episodes. Here are some of my favorites. Anyone else get really into them or have different favorites? (Sorry it’s so long!)


How I Met Your Mother - tie between “Belly Full of Turkey” and “Slapsgiving”

Friends - “The One Where Ross Gets High”


Buffy the Vampire Slayer - “Pangs”

Honorable mention (not a TV show): The Addams Family Values, just the recital scene.



30 Rock - tie between “Ludachristmas” and “Secret Santa”


How I Met Your Mother - tie between “How Lily Stole Christmas” and “Symphony of Illumination”


The Office - “Benihana Christmas”


Fresh Off the Boat - “The Real Santa”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - “A Very Sunny Christmas”