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It's getting harder as I get older to deal with my mother. Just as I can't bounce back during a hangover as well as I used to, neither can I cope with my mom's BS for even a few hours. The woman is so on edge and critical that she makes Christmas into the actual opposite of fun.

Main problem this year was that I spent too much money on gifts, which is a recurring theme. I explained I was able to split gifts with my fiancé this year, got a new job that came with a 20% raise, and bought everything on sale, but this was all dismissed. In addition I was picked at all during Christmas dinner for drinking too much (I wasn't driving and had the same amount of wine as everyone else, as if there were enough in the world to make her bearable). After dinner our guests started cleaning the dishes and I was scolded for not participating. I was in the kitchen and had helped out and offered to do more before she walked in. Will not bother next time, as I will get in trouble (at 31) either way.

Luckily, my sister is turning into my mother and apologized for every gift she gave as it was being opened, saying "she didn't know what to get" and she "thought this would be helpful with x, but you can return it if it doesn't work," etc. She is also done seeing my side because Mom is pretty helpful with the baby. Please, sis, don't do this to that poor little girl.


I'm so drained I don't even want to see my high school friends tonight as planned. Is it okay to do in-law holidays for the foreseeable future? Facing this alone was a fool's errand. This post makes little sense because I'm tired.

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