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Holidays survived!

I drove home today and totally waved to the Greens (Heart & Hunk) as I drove through Eugene. Well, not actually to them. I just sorta waved in the direction of Eugene from Interstate 5. But it totally counts.

I can officially say a week is about the max I can handle in my old hometown. But, overall, things went well. I was able to give my parents everything they asked for (including pre-orders), the weather was relatively good (I can deal with fog and frost, that's survivable), and I got a whole bunch of new board games and now have the crazy idea to make my own Aggravation board.


Oh, I also bought myself this in the town gift shop (that also sells ammo because of course a small town gift shop would sell ammo):

Plus, now that I'm home, I don't have to listen to my dad talk about Duck Dynasty anymore. Because of course he would watch that show.

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