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Illustration for article titled Hollywood Life Wants to Know If the Ex Who Turned Mark Salling Into the Police Should Have Minded Her Own Business

E-List derivative gossip site Hollywood Life is such a non-entity that it feels wrong to bitch about its horrible “stories.” But this one is too unbelievable not to share. Hollywood Life reported on Mark Salling’s arrest for child pornography by asking “[w]as this an act of revenge on the ‘Glee’ actor?”

Because why else would some chick report such a thing to the cops? Decency? Morals? No, bitches want revenge.


At the end of the article it asks: “Can you believe an ex ratted out Mark, HollywoodLifers? Should she have tipped off police, or was it none of her business! Voice your opinion below!” [emphasis added][but the exclmation point belongs to them]

Someone has to ask the tough questions. I mean there are two totally viable options when one encounters a huge cache of child pornography. One could mind her own business. And one could not mind her own business. And she happened to choose not to.

Edited title for clarity.

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