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Holocaust on Ice: Russian Olympic Figure Skater and Wife of Putin's Spokesman

Skater is Tatiana Navka. I am unfamiliar with her. She is though connected to Putin’s regime, her husband is Putin’s spokesperson. Russian tv is state controlled.

This is so very, very awful. As one comment put it will we see Scott Baio on Dancing With The Stars doing a slavery tribute in blackface and confederate flag.

Tatiana did say people should see Life Is Beautiful. Which is good. Yet it seems tone deaf and making light of the Holocaust. Maybe she did have good intentions but this is not something to be used for a competition.


Also the line about not weaing makeup rubs me wrong. The women in the death camps had no access to makeup and their lives could be snuffed in a moments notice. Makeup was the least of their concerns.

I will give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she did want to bring awareness about the Holocaust. Its just cringeworthy how she did it. I hope her intentions were to bring attention to Holocaust NOT how to get votes in the competition which is a mockery of it. It just looks blatently the latter.

Anyone remember her from the Olympics? Was she good?

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