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Holy Batman: Aquaman Was So, So, So Horrible To Read

There are many Silver Age comics that are bad but so far Aquaman is by far the jaw dropping stupidest compilation ever.

I bought DC Showcase Aquaman Volume 1 yesterday and read the first couple of stories. How did Aquaman survive?


This ranks as the jaw dropping stupidest panel so far. Aquaman’s buddy Topo the octopus on land sliding his tentacles into men’s pockets to find the pickpocket. An octopus on land, let that sink in.

Aquaman and his Hospital. Actually nice but fish going on their own to a hospital. At the end Aquaman is shot so the fish remove the bullet.

I always avoided Aquaman comics like the plague ever since I wasa child and watched Superfriends. Aquaman was such a horrible character and so boring. This compilation is not helping me change my mind. I sorta liked him in the movie Justice League.

This book better get better. I am not up to where he takes in Aqualad.


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