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Holy cow, you guys...

... we are now actual paid musicians! Well, we made $12.50 in tips, because the bartender put a begging bucket out on the table in front of us. Lol.

But seriously, tonight's show went really well. We showed up a little late, and had to bring the younger kids along, but after that, everything went swimmingly. We even got actual applause! One lady just cracked right up when we did "Hit Me, Baby (One More Time)", and another guy sang along with "Hey Jealousy". "Animals" also went over big. (We take pop songs and folk them out.) We even did a couple of Other-Husband's original songs and got applause for them.

We also got asked if we knew anything in Polish. We've got songs in Spanish, French, Russian, Gaelic, and Romanian, but no Polish. Guess we should work on that, since she's a regular!


I was terrified to sing in front of people at first, but I'm pretty much over that unless I think about it too much. I'm having a blast, now!

Sadly, O-H got sick after the show, and I now have a hell of a sore throat after singing for 2 hours, so, instead of going to Cajun Ginger's party, we are sitting at home watching The Nanny and arguing over who gets the bathtub first. C'est la vie, eh?

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