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I just realized, with the help of a comment by Seth Meyers (who went to the same college I did at almost exactly the same time I did) that the Naomi Grossman who plays Pepper on American Horror Story is the same Naomi that lived upstairs from me freshman year, the one whom the hypnotist who did the show during new student week couldn't hypnotize, and who ended up dating the RA.

Goddamn, I knew living in the fine arts dorm at Northwestern would pay off in "I knew them when" stories someday! (Although I don't really have good stories, other than the hypnotist thing—we'd only been in the dorm three days at that point, but everyone already knew Naomi well enough at that point to be amused and entirely unsurprised that she'd been selected and that the guy hadn't been able to put her under. But still! Semi-famous person from a show I actually watch! Who I knew a little bit!)


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