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Holy Crap! I took a bath!

First of all, thank you so much for ALL of your help! I love you guys so much!

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So here's the story:

I had a plan of action all set up for tomorrow. I was going to sit in my bathtub in my clothes and read and then move forward from there over a few hours...but then tonight! I've been feeling a little under the weather and was like, "fuck it, I want to take a bath!"

The picture above is my bathroom: I took a bath in my swimsuit, listening to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack (just the A Capella parts which makes it surprisingly short), had a water bottle to drink from and towels near by. I just filled up the tub and got in! I think I stayed in for about 20 minutes. I sat in the middle for about 5, but after closely inspecting everything I laid back. It was nice! I think it'll be nicer next time when I remember, before the very end, that I can tilt the jets up versus the down setting for cleaning. So..I did it!

This Groupthink miracle is due in part to 3 things:

1) You all, who provided amazing advice & encouragement.

2) Saturday Night Social which reminded me that if I can have a needle stuck in my face on countless occasions (which believe it or not, does not hurt- at all- at the time), I can probably handle a bathtub.


3) My desire to drink my dark chocolate, hot chocolate and take a warm bath. My need to be lazy and relaxed sometimes overcome my neuroses.


Now...I'm going to down my water bottle of ice cold water, change my linens and go to sleep like a badass!

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