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This NYT Op-ed is insane. A Swedish grad student went undercover in the Alt-Right movement and has videos of horrible horrible people advocating for a world where Hitler is considered a hero. This world happens “at the cost of a few hundred million people”, says one guy unconcernedly. Oh and he brags of connections to Trump of course. They all have extremely punchable faces once you recover from the shock of the absolutely vile things they say so casually.

In general I’m leery of meeting these guys with violence because they are sooo good at playing victim(cough Berkeley cough). That said, how do you beat back this poison? There will always be the true believers, but they way they are “marketing”themselves, they are going after the same kids ISIS is going after online (the only difference is the alt-right assholes are looking for whites while ISIS will take anyone).

I feel like I need to let my brain sit in industrial bleach for a week or so to get the nasty out.

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