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Holy Crap! When Weddings Go Wrong Edition

This weekend, I was all set to attend a wedding a few states away from me. Leaving at O-dark-thirty tomorrow morning. Hotel was booked. Childcare arranged. A nice dress bought. The ceremony was taking place at an opulent historic landmark. It was going to be a really neat little getaway.

Then, late last night, I got a call: the wedding is off.

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, so they realized it would be a mistake and did the difficult but mature thing and called it off instead of doubling-down?


Not... exactly. They’re still together and intend to get married. It just won’t be this weekend. And it definitely will not be at that awesome place.

They — well, the bride, actually — overspent. A lot. Like, doubled the budget. And somehow, there were 60 guests more than they talked about. And she lied to the fiance about the actual costs. Told him they were still covered by the financial gifts from all of the parents. Everything was okay. And then, yesterday, when the full balances were due, she sprung this on him and all the parents, hoping they would just, you know, fork over an extra $50k.


I know. I KNOW. Here are some smelling salts.

So how did ALL THREE SETS of parents react? With a collective, “You are out of your fucking mind — no.


I know the bride but... I do not understand this. This is not the modest, responsible person I know. I don’t know the groom but he seems nice enough. Maybe he’s naive? Didn’t want to know? Never attended anything? Put the entire burden on her? Never had to sign any of the contracts? Can’t add? I don’t want to lay it all at her feet, but it was someone close to the Bride who called me and said that she had kept the fiance in the dark and lied to him.

I was really looking forward to this weekend getaway and wedding cake*. We’ve cancelled our hotel and now we are trying to get our first night’s deposit back, but we might be out $300.


Still... at least we’re not out tens of thousands of dollars in non-refundable deposits.

Here. More smelling salts.

So... any of you ever witnessed a wedding getting called-off? Was it b/c of the expense? Is “cutting financial losses” more common than I realize?


* #priorities

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