Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Holy crap you guys

So, the Boy Heathen and I really really love to cook. All meats, all veg, all styles, all countries. (seriously- his Pho Bo Kho is amazing.) There is nothing out there culinarily we won't try once. We did candied grasshoppers at the house one time- we are serious about our eats. So I found THIS place on them there interwebs- they have ten pounds (Dude 10 LBS) of duck fat for 36.99. That seems really friggin cheap- right? I mean, if that's not a typo, I'm literally frying everything forever in duck fat from now on. They also have wagyu beef and foie gras, and goose and veal sweetbreads!

Time to get my gourmand on!


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