Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Alexandra Petri just shared this link I put up to her article on Facebook. Also, she seems to be slightly confused between "Groupthink" and "Jezebel," because she said Jezebel called her the excellent Alexandra Petri, but I am definitely not Jezebel. Still, how the hell did she find this?! I can't imagine she reads Groupthink, because if she did she wouldn't be giving me that much credit. Still, holy crap, you guys!

...also, if one of my articles has to find its way to a writer I like and admire, why the fuck does it have to be the article with NO JOKES OR CONTENT WORTH ANYTHING WHATSOEVER. It could have been this. Or maybe this. Or even this. Or perhaps even this. Or this non-jokey thing I wrote. But the article that has to find its way to her is the one that I wrote in five seconds just to provide a link to something?! This is me:


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