So a billion little things have happened but I'm grumpy and need to complain

-Left work 10 minutes early to get to my gyno appointment on time then got stuck in 15 minutes of traffic

-Got to my appointment 10 minutes late and had to wait in the waiting room for 20 minutes

-Then had the exam, 'nuff said

-On the way to my appointment, the scary gas light came on but I soldiered on, knowing when I left the appointment the gas station would be right there. The truck was filling up the tanks another 10 minute wait


-The intersection next to my apartment the stoplight was blinking, and instead of directing the rush hour traffic, the cop was flipping switches despite clearly not knowing what he was doing and calling for someone to come and directing people at the super busy intersection. So you know the opposite of both logical and helpful. (Item: If this is procedure then the procedure is illogical and unhelpful.)

-Came home fed the cats, cleaned the litter box, forgot the vacuum cleaner was broken. AND GOT CAT LITTER IN MY EYE. I was pouring it and it bounced up into my eye. so then I had to wash my eye, so I don't get some crazy infection.


-Then I ordered a wrap and cheese fries from a place that delivers. I ordered the wrong wrap :(