Scenario 1:

We are driving somewhere for work and he starts yelling at a taxi driver to hurry up and go through the stop sign, and he says, "I hate taxi drivers. They're even worse than Asians."


Scenario 2: We have a contract with a certain airline and part of the contract says we drive the pilots to their hotel when their plane gets in. It's an Asian airline (not to be too specific). The guy who drove them today is talking to the boss and me about how they had really bad breath.

Boss says, "Yeah, they're just.... Stinky. They just smell really bad. Like B.O. and rice."

He's got kanji tats on his arms and legs, and a geisha tattoo on one arm, and a big-ass Chinese dragon on his arm/shoulder. I don't think he even knows that there is no homogenous Asian culture.


And if he does, he doesn't give a shit.

So basically he loves him some exotification, but when it comes to the actual people involved in the cultures he's appropriating, he has nothing but contempt. Super.


I hope his kanji really says, "I'm a racist dickbag!"