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Holy motherfucking shit I am pissed off

Oh my god, the fucking Ford dealership in my town. RAGE.

So I go into this place three months ago because I ran over a nail and needed a tire replaced. It takes them three hours to replace the damn thing, and while I'm there, one of their scuzzy salespeople starts harassing me about looking at a new vehicle, because in his words, my 2011 Fiesta isn't good enough and I need an upgrade. I tell him no, my 2.5 year old vehicle is just fine, and he then resorts to aggressively hitting on me to try and make a sale. "If you ever need anything...and I do mean ANYTHING...not just a car...give me a call." *wink* HORK.


So, I'm pissed. When I leave with the car, the service shop guy that helped me asks if I can rate him/the shop highly on a customer satisfaction survey that I'll be receiving by email. I tell him no, I cannot rate you highly, then I explain what happened with the shitass sales guy, and he apologizes. I leave.

Fast forward 2.5 months later. My brakes are making a pretty heinous scraping sound whenever I touch them. At this point, I really should have to a different shop, I know, but they were somewhat close to my school and I had to go to a certified Ford shop to see if my warranty would cover them. I get there, they get my car up on the lift, and the service guy (a different one from before) tells me that my brake pads are GONE. As in, completely disintegrated, and I also need entirely new rotors, a new battery, new air filters, I need my fuel injector cleaned, and on and on and on, for a grand total of $1100 motherfucking dollars that I DID NOT, DO NOT, WILL NOT HAVE AT ANY POINT IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. SEE: UNEMPLOYED COLLEGE STUDENT.

I tell them no, I cannot do all of that, and I left, saying that I would think it over and come back later.

The next day I go to a brake shop in uptown. The guy there tells me quite plainly that yeah, my rotors will need to be replaced in a few months but that he's able to machine them one last time, and that I need my pads replaced, and THAT'S IT. I double checked and said "the battery is fine, the filters are fine, etc?" and he said YES EVERYTHING ELSE IS FINE. I walked out of there paying $180.00 and my car runs perfectly smoothly and makes absolutely no noise now.


SO THEN. I get an email while I'm studying for finals saying that I have a BALANCE DUE with said shitty Ford dealer. It riles me up, and my mind starts backtracking trying to remember if they actually DID any services while I was there, and the answer is NOPE. I even check my receipts, and NOPE. No services rendered. So I brushed it off and made a note to call them today.


BEFORE I COULD DO THAT, some dude named Larry calls me up from there saying in an EXTREMELY ACCUSATORY TONE that I need to come in and PAY UP for the ROTORS AND BATTERY AND AIR FILTERS THEY INSTALLED. I couldn't help it you guys. I went full on fucking bitch mode. I railed this guy and told him that NO, I would NOT be coming back to this location for ANY REASON and read him the riot act about how awful my experience has been there from day one, and that they need to get their records straight because they installed absolutely NOTHING when I was there before. Not only that, but how fucking negligent it was for NO ONE to mention to me when I was there THREE MONTHS PRIOR about my brake pads...like "hey, these are looking a little worn, might wanna check that out soon?"...nope. nothing. and then try to spring over a thousand dollars of services on me. So he starts to argue with me and insists that the SERVICE MANAGER spoke to me when I was there before and that we made AN AGREEMENT that I would come back in the next day to receive all of the services he had tried to convince me that I needed. That conversation literally never happened. He then tells me that he'll double check with the guy in question and call me back.

10 minutes later he calls me and DING DING DING GUESS WHAT? I was correct. They did not do SHIT to my car. So he apologizes, and tells me if I "ever need anything done to my car, just come back in..." I very calmly told him no, thank you, and hung up the phone.


UGH UGH UGH. I am still pretty ticked though. I really, really, really want to see if I can talk to the owner/manager of the dealership and lay this all out. Oh my God. So fucking ridiculous.

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