So, Mr. UrbanAchiever brought home a large bunch of parsnips from the market last week. I roasted a couple of them, I steamed one of them, but then it just felt like I was never, for the rest of creation, going to get through this mound of parsnips.

So today, I souped them. Bouillon cubes, a clove of garlic, and in they went (pre-cooked in the microwave for a couple of minutes). A bit of milk, salt and pepper, and voila! I had made a quick, simple, tasty inexpensive soup that avoided food waste and opened up some space in the fridge.

So why, oh why, has my stomach been on strike ever since I ate some of this inoffensive soup?! I must have some parsnip maximum level and exceeded it.

It's been hours, and since I had a deadline to meet, I had to have a long discussion with myself around which I should throw up on if I couldn't get to the bathroom - my keyboard or the nice sweater I had on.


Blech. So much for parsnip virtue.