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Holy Plantar Fasciitis , Batman!

So, I wore a seemingly comfortable pair of 'nice' flipflops today. I've worn these shoes a few times before but today I walked *a lot* in them... and it's not good. My foot is AFLAME in pain (and I am nowhere near sober, so this is pretty painful given my other relatvie unfeeling condition) and I want to just cut it off! Ugh! So, it's the plantar fascia in my foot that is inflamed and it all relates to my knee/hip/back issues...

ANYWAY - It's never hurt so badly! I can barely walk on my one foot! I've had some mild issues before but nothing ever so painful. Guess those shoes are getting returned...I just hope I can limp to work tomorrow.

(I've already been massaging and icing to no avail)>

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