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Holy sheit you guys (TW: PUA)

I work in an office with only men and one woman. Guess who I am. They often disappoint me and part of me hopes dearly my next place of business will be less sexist (although it's all a joke, right?). Sometimes they surprise me. Today is a day of wins and losses, let me share them with you.

Win : After yesterdays debacle about the whole picture leak and every guy agreeing that it was NBD and if the celebs didn't want pics stolen than they shouldn't have made them. I ranted at them that they should be ashamed of themselves and this was Private stuff, even if they are celebs they are PEOPLE first. They admitted to being a bit disassociated but it was stil NBD. Today 2 coworkers came back on that and were like "Yeah, you were right. I saw some footage and that shit was personal shit. That's not cool. Not okay."

Loss : An intern started today that I actually know from school (he's 1 year below me, we've interacted a bunch) and interned here before. Yesterday the guys joked about him being a PUA, I assumed this was since he was kind of a nerd but does consider himself a bit of a ladies man. When it came up he seriously and proudly said "No really. I am a pick up artist." Coworkers who didn't know him doubled over laughing at the absurdity of it.


Win : When said intern said some overly sexist quotes from some tv-show one of my co-workers looked in my direction very carefully in a 'uhoh, that is not cool to say' way and said "Wow, she's so happy she's leaving here now!" Yes coworker, this kind of stuff does make me happy I'm leaving.


I so want to dig into this guy and call him out for be a PUA and the fact that that is disgusting. How will I manage to hold back during lunch, I don't know how! On the other hand, this month could give me funny post material.

ETA Loss : We are responsible for the posting on the corporate account in teams, each day of the week a different team. He joked about posting dating tips. I sighed deeply and closed my eyes.

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