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Holy Shit: Ask A Manager

Guys this Ask a Manager is a doozy:

Lady got herself fired for freezing out an experienced employee who she felt threaterned her role. She favoured her existing (younger less experienced) staff and didn’t use the new employee as her boss wanted her to be used.


Read it, it’s a masterpiece of complete stupidity and selfishness.

edit: bonus: microwaving smelly foods

My new/current place has a “cafeteria” room that has 12 microwaves and tables, it’s the only place you can heat things up and you are expected not to take them out of there warm. It’s amazing not to smell hot food in the office. Hot food often smells more strongly and the smell lingers. I once had to deal with a guy who would hotdesk at our team’s bank of desks when he could and he’d eat a McDonalds at his desk at like 3pm and in the morning he’d eat a lettuce like an apple. He never ever wiped up either. It was awful.

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