So, it's dark. Uncle Kim is watching football (why? why football all the time, why on thursdays now???) in the other room and I get a really kinda-late knock on the door. I've already let the dogs in the house, it's close to an all-clear in Halloweenland.

I pick up the puppy, kick the older dog away from the door, finally answer the knock to.. nothing. Except a guy beating-feet away from my door, kind of waving at me like I'm Out, Yo. My impression; DOGS? AND I'M OUT OF HERE, I'LL KILL ELSEWHERE.

I explain to Uncle Kim. He's like "WHUT??? You're nuts" I'm like "I KNOW!!! WTF???" and we get a knock on the door. Cue more "wtf" looks. It's grown ass adults candy begging. Yeah. He gives them Milk Duds after discerning their meth-mouth (um, no judgement) and gets a queer look on his face as he looks upon the porch. I quiver.

Uncle Kim comes in the house with a box of San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser coffee K-cups.

And loses it laughing at me. My scary wtf-your-dogs-scared-me-away-guy? UPS driver. Delivering my excellent coffee for the morning.


Oh... k. Ohhhh, Aunt K.