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Holy Shit Facebook Algorithms

My roommate shared a lovely Huffington Post article about gaslighting and how men use "crazy" to control women. It has some problematicness, like the title itself, but overall the post is great and attempts to reassure women, particularly those who have been victims of gaslighting, which I'm pretty sure is all of us.

Facebook's algorithm decided that a "similar article was a Thought Catalogue (I know, I know, Thought Catalogue? Publishing something fucked up? NEVER) post talking about "red flags" men on reddit have identified for crazy women. Not as a way to mock said red flags, or the men who use them. Just... you're looking at something about crazy women, so therefore you must be afraid that you are a crazy woman and here is a way to not be one. I know that it's possible that this was a total coincidence, and "crazy women" just trigger the same shit. But seriously, this isn't that different from finding the word "feminism" in a post and deciding all articles are of equal interest to someone sharing feminist articles. Even if they're Reddit articles talking about how we're all out to castrate men or whatever.


I'm not linking the TC post. If you want to find it, you can. Some of the things are actual indicators of a problem, but are actually symptoms of a patriarchal society that enjoys pitting women against each other for the purpose of competing over men (ie: "I don't make friends with women"). Many.... like, how is this an issue to you? Women who like horses are rich cat ladies? (That is an actual quote). Crazy in the sack means crazy in the head? Are you serious. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS.

Anyway, rage subsiding, read and share my anger.

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