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Holy shit, have we covered this?

I read this over on Buzzfeed. Basically, a 21-year-old college art student (Lindsay Bottos) maintains a tumblr in which she posts a lot of selfies and her artwork. Over the years, she's gotten quite a lot of anonymous hate messages on her tumblr. As a result, she decided to do a project in which she couples her selfies with the anonymous messages she has screencapped over the years.

The one I chose to share in particular made me want to crawl under my blanket and weep for humanity all night long. There's just something almost psychotic/insane about the fact that someone who hates her this much CONTINUES to follow her, willingly, just to get enraged by her selfies. There's a solution to this! Don't want to see her on your dashboard? Unfollow her! Or unfollow anyone who reblogs her posts! Also: the acne part got to me because a) she's gorgeous and I can't even tell that she has acne from these pictures and b) I've been coping non-stop with acne since I was 12/13, so it's a sensitive topic for me.


I get it—the internet is full of hateful, jealous morons. Especially on tumblr. When I used to have tumblr for about a year, I received 2 or 3 hateful messages. They hurt. It's one thing to get trolled on by random people, but for someone to follow you and read your posts and bring up details of your life in those messages that they hate—that's on a different level. It's as if people thrive off of being anonymously nasty to others...like they're a fucking parasite.

ETA: Point is, she's getting all this hate for posting selfies of herself and posting her artwork. FUCKING SELFIES and art, things that are so benign. Just think about that.

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