Our time clock has been down so I have to manually add punches in and out for 50 odd employees into our attendance system and this shit IS SO BORING. I keep trying to focus on it but I keep clicking over to Groupthink since it's not blocked by our webfilter anymore. (Bad idea, IT guys!) But I still can't reply to anything for some reason so I just go around slappin' stars on comments. Is that creepy? Haha. Have you guys heard the project race card on NPR? There was a great bit this morning about adoption and how babies of color are less expensive to adopt than white babies. This one lady said when she was looking to adopt, a white baby was about $35k and a black baby was $18k. OMG! She said the race-based adoption fees made her so uncomfortable and she's trying to raise awareness about it. There are some places that base adoption fees on a sliding scale based on your income instead of race of the baby and she hopes more places become like that. Ok.... FOCUS.