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Holy Shit I Just Adulted

I feel approx 4000 lbs lighter.

I asked my bank if I would be considered for a line of credit so I can pay down my credit card bills and pay loads less interest. He asked some questions, and essentially said I was good! I have to provide a pay stub (which, for once, I didn't have 4 of them rattling around in my purse, obviously) so that will happen next week.

But it looks like I'll be starting the new year with my cards paid off!* I'll be able to close one of them down completely. I'll keep one, simply because I have some recurring payments like my gym and stuff that I do not want to give them my bank info for, but I'll be free!



Seriously, I think I'm at last starting to get out of my funk! I'll have debt that doesn't make me hyperventilate, I'll be applying to school when application season opens for September classes, I just got engaged to the most wonderful man, and I have some amazing parties to look forward to this season.

I feel in control and not just floundering and barely holding on to things.

Everything's coming up Milhouse, people.


*I know it's not "paid off" because instead of MC and Visa I'll owe my bank money instead, but I'm on very friendly terms with them and the rate they give is much better


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