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Holy shit, I won!

I’ll start by saying I love Wells Fargo Bank right now. I love the guy who took my call. I love that he followed through. So grateful.

I freelance. From social media I learned a dear colleague of 20 years lost her Father early last week. I immediately began sending flowers to her. I’ve sent her flowers before over the years using the internet & telephone combined to get a florist. This time I thought I would do it online in full.

I’ll spare you the minutia, but I thought the florist was local. Even the Wells Fargo guy thought so when I called to challenge. Duped.


The page before I went to “Complete Purchase” gave the total as $45 and change. My completed order was $83. EIGHTY THREE DOLLARS!

Turns out is was a florist clearing house on an industrial road in middle America. Many attempts to immediately cancel the order* ensued. Multiple busy signals. Getting a “Customer Service Rep” on the line eventually twice, only to be put on hold & disconnected. Emails to them, after having to navigate deep into the site to find an email address. All this in a 40 minute time frame. I got nowhere. I called my bank, as I had used my bank issued Visa.

His name was Brian. He went to bat for me. Visa & Wells Fargo credited me the money today!!! I’m floored.

Any stories of things going unexpectedly your way, GT?

*The flowers were delivered, 2 days after they charged me a $10 fee for same day delivery. The other fees were mind numbing. I plan to find the actual florist they used so I can pay for the flowers directly.


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