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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Holy shit, noooo ASOS & people are dumb

Do any of you shop at ASOS.com? They had a major warehouse fire last night and their site is shut down. I found out via their Facebook that the fire happened. I feel so bad because ASOS is so awesome and they probably just lost so much money in damages :( And on top of that, on their post stating that they're not taking any orders until everything is situated, people are commenting about their next-day delivery orders and if they'll be shipped out. This one guy was like, "I've private messaged you guys and called you a number of times but haven't heard back about my order! I can't sit around all day at home waiting to see if my order will arrive or not!11!1!!!" Shut the fuck up, dude. They're going through a major disaster, and they proooobably don't have time to get back to you immediately. Chill the fuck out.

UGH, people.

I'm sad :(


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