So that update ya'll been waiting for . . .

I'm sorry, but there's no way anyone on the planet had a better Valentine's Day than me. Hands down. This was going to be my first single Valentine's Day in a few years, and I had planned to just get myself some nice chocolates and enjoy Season 2 of HoC. Cool beans. Happy single lady here. Then I happened upon a dude on okc that for some reason just really did it for me, messaged him, chatted a bit, and since I was busy the rest of the week, suggested that we meet on Valentine's Day on our first date and just ham it up. Get chocolates, go to dinner, catch a show. We seem to share a similar sense of fun and he was all for it.

Okay, so have you ever met a partner and it's like, the moment you meet, you know that you're both thinking: YEP. JACKPOT. YES. THIS. FUCKING YES. That's how it went down. For starters, he really took his silly V-Day game all the way. We planned to meet at a chocolate shop (his suggestion) and he arrives a little later than me. Before even saying a word to me, he takes my hand and kisses it. He's beautiful, charming as fuck, geeky, hella polite and very funny. We have some chocolate and then wonder around for dinner. We insist on putting two straws in our italian soda and laugh like children. We talk and talk and he never gets creepy. We kiss on the sidewalk. Our show is sold out, and I know he lives close, and neither of us are ready to end the evening, so I tell him I'd be comfortable watching some House of Cards at his place if he's ok having me over. We get there and make it through one episode (and HOLY SHIT, that episode, right?) before we just go to town on each other. Dude is a twisted little genius. I ended up spending the night and we were up until 4 talking and cuddling. He drove me home this morning and we are definitely seeing each other after I get back from my weekend trip. Damn.


SO BASICALLY, I'm pretty sure that he was created by scientists who've been studying me. And I'm not even going to fucking question what they want.

I know my friends are gonna get sick of hearing about him real soon, but I know GT always loves a happy story. So there you go. :) Hope ya'lls Valentines Days/Fridays were just as well spent!