Cars are large and heavy and made of hard materials, and they move quickly.

I had the opportunity to be reminded of this today in a particularly terrifying fashion.


I was walking down the street holding the hand of the two year old I nanny. We stopped to look both ways, then began crossing a driveway into a shopping center. We were in a big group with other kids and parents going home after school pickup (older kid I nanny was there too, but just behind chatting with a friend).

And suddenly this minivan roared up OUT OF NOWHERE, going super fast, and nearly flattened the toddler. The driver, a middle aged white man, had made a u turn to pull up on my side of the road to pick someone up, but he did it too fast and his angle was off and he zoomed halfway up the driveway and barely braked in time to not hit my little guy and I’ve NEVER been more frightened so suddenly out of nowhere. I guess I’ve had worse experiences but they all involved just myself, and usually I had more warning that a situation was unsafe.

I felt hot and my vision swam and everything was a blur and I picked the kid up and just stared at the driver, speechless. He sort of waved, a half assed pseudo-acknowledgement of what he had just nearly done. His window was open but he didn’t apologize or even say anything. He just picked up his passenger and I kept walking.


I feel like utter shit, exhausted and sick. I had a cup of hot tea with honey and that helped a bit, but I sort of feel the need for a good cry. The kids didn’t even notice the danger, even my little guy who was so close to being hit. He is playing happily now with a little girl who came over for a playdate, not a care in the world. I am so glad he didn’t get scared!!!

I need a drink.